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Our services include:

» Business Performance Consulting

» Finance Planning and Profitability Consulting

» Information Technology Consulting

» Human Resources Consulting

» Business Innovation Consulting

» Management Intelligence Consulting

Methodology Sketch

   Define the Current Trends

   Recognize the difference by Gap Analysis

   Define areas which are affecting business results/focus on goals.

   Identify, define and Document organizational/team/personal misalignments with business Objectives

   Communicate assumptions perceptions, deductions and situations which are affecting business results.

   Research and Document and define Industry Best Practices

   Develop customized Solutions to business challenges.

   Introduce and assimilate Change in regard to business challenges.

   Document the principles that ensure qualitative / quantitative outcomes.

   Achieve active participation and acceptance of realigned objectives and goals of the organization / group.

   Realign and document Individual and Group work goals to organizational

   Objectives and Goals

   Structure Key Objectives into key achievable tasks.

   Assign priority to key tasks

   Design Tools and Calendars.

   Demonstrate the Use of Tools to achieve Set Objectives

   Provide Regular Training and Service to eliminate breakdown in faulty Systems

   Trouble shoot and Ensure Success of the Realigned Objectives.

   Showcase at regular intervals the Rewards and benefits of the realigned Systems and Objectives of the Organization.

It is, but imperative for us to have detailed business intelligence skills and core competencies in the areas we are consulting. Our team of experts have understood and imbibed this very need of the consultative approach.

We carry in our portfolio of competence, years of experience in core business arenas to offer to our customers, advice, solutions and implementing tools that mitigate risk, enhance delivery capabilities and also provide the required training in delivering value in all our businesses.


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